Asian Idol !!

And the first Asian Idol goes to, Hady Mirza, Singapore,” that’s how Ata announced the voting result of Asian Idol. Hady Mirza from Singapore is the first Asian Idol. Held on December 17, 2007, at Hall D of Jakarta International Expo and watched by many viewers, Hady Mirza proudly sang Berserah on stage.
Hady Mirza was crowned the title Asian Idol, against other 5 candidates from Indonesia (Mike Mohede), Malaysia (Jaclyn Victor), Philippines (Mau Marcelo), Vietnam (Phuong Vy), and India (Abhijeet Sawant).

It wasn’t quite expected before as the judges, Paul Moss, Siu Black, Indra Lesmana, Anu Malik and Pilita Corrales didn’t predict him to be the first Asian Idol. “There are actually 3 names that deserve to win, Mike, Jaclyn, and Mau Marcelo,” Paul Moss said.

Siu Black and Indra Lesmana said basically the same thing, Mike, Mau, and Phuong Vy are the ones that deserve to be Asian Idol. “To choose one winner is hard. But if I have to, I’d pick Mike,” Indra said. Meanwhile, Hady’s winning were given positive comebacks from Singaporean Judge, Ken Lim. Being the owner of Hype Records he exclaimed that whoever wins the competition had to be appreciated. “The winner is Asian too,” Ken Lim said. Hady admits that he didn’t expect to be crowned the first Asian Idol.

He is thankful for the support and can only give thanks. “I didn’t expect to win at all. The other contestants are so great. I thank everyone who voted for me,” Hady said sincerely.
The Asian Idol Result Show that was aired live from Jakarta International Expo last night was a big success. The President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and ex-president, Abdurrahman Wahid, came to watch the show. The President gave a few words before the show started, “We are proud to be the host of the first Asian Idol. We hope that this can be one of many ways to unite Asian countries. I really hope that Asian Idol can inspire young people all across Asia”.

That night, the viewers were not only mesmerized by the contestants, but also by the performance of international guest stars, like Taylor Hicks (the winner of American Idol 5). Guy Sebastian, the Australian Idol, even collaborated with Mike Mohede. The diva from India, Alisha Chinai, sang her hits song, Made in India. Rivermaya from the Philippines collaborated with Mau Marcelo with the famous song You’ll Be Safe Here. From Indonesia was Agnes Monica and Peterpan.

Photo2 nya !!! menyusul lg sbk !! blom smpt uplod !!!!!


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